Advantages of email marketing

One of the most effective strategies for reaching a target audience is email marketing. This is something I learned running my la rams news blog and JEM Medspa a while back. It’s arguably the most profitable marketing solution because it offers advantages beyond other media. For starters, it is targeted because you can control who can see an email by separating your contacts according to their location, demographics, and lead status among other criteria. You can customize the information for each recipient, which brings higher conversion rates. By sending regular emails to potential customers, your business can also build value on a consistent basis through strategic planning, targeted content, and smart design. This will ultimately help you build brand awareness by making your business stand out.

Tyler Smith runs the marketing for a waterfall bathroom taps retail store and these turf suppliers and notes “Sharing an email is very easy and this form of marketing will allow your subscribers to share your offers and deals at the click of a button. Through such an army of brand advocates, you can gain more exposure and your reputation increases.”

Jim Davis runs the email marketing for numerous companies including this vertikal heizkörper retailer and notes “The success of your campaign can be easily measured through analytics. You can find out the number of subscribers, their retention rates, and email opening rates to gauge the success of your campaign. You can also improve your campaign by focusing on providing information your subscribers respond to the most.”

Susan Jones runs the marketing for this personal trainer manchester business and this roll compactor manufacturers and also this luxury candles site and notes “Another good thing about email marketing is that it is cost effective. You won’t spend a dime on printing flyers and posters or paying for postage and advertising. For every $1 you invest, the average return is $44.25. It also has tremendous reach because almost everyone has an email account that they use regularly to receive information.”

Dana Siegal runs the marketing for this environmental drilling company and hairdressers warrington business and says “It’s also not intrusive because the person receiving your emails is required to subscribe first. The average working person spends around two and half hours checking out their email inbox, and if you’re not using emails to market to them, you’re losing out on a huge opportunity.”

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